Embracing National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which promotes the importance of physical activity and sports participation for people of all ages and backgrounds. May is dedicated to promoting the benefits of physical activity to prevent chronic diseases, increasing people’s presence at sporting events, and improving overall well-being.  

Why the month of May?

May was chosen for several reasons. In the northern hemisphere, May transitions from spring to summer; milder temperatures and longer daylight hours are ideal for being outside and active. Another reason is that this is the end of the academic year in many regions, allowing schools to incorporate more physical fitness into their curriculum and activities.  

May also brings several significant sporting events that draw attention to the importance of sports and physical fitness and provide opportunities for people to get involved and inspired. Sporting events range from the Kentucky Derby, the NBA and NHL playoffs, UEFA Champions League Final: Europe’s premier club football (soccer), and the French Open.  

How do you celebrate it?

There are a myriad of ways to participate in physical fitness and sports. The important aspect of physical fitness and sports is that they make it easier to move your body and be socially active. Below are seven ways to adapt physical fitness into your life. Try one or a couple! 

Get Moving

Engage in regular physical activity by incorporating exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or dancing into your daily routine. According to health guidelines, aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. 

    Success Tip: Know where you are starting from. For example, if you do not have a fitness routine, start with walking 1-2 times a week for 10-15 minutes and add on from there.  

    Try New Activities

    Beach yoga

    Explore different sports and fitness activities to find ones you enjoy. Whether joining a local sports team, attending group fitness classes, or practicing yoga, discovering new ways to stay active can make exercise more fun and rewarding. 

      Success Tip: It’s okay for new activities to feel awkward. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Sports participation also provides a space for social interaction and opportunities for expanding your friendships. 

      Organize Community Events

      Plan or participate in community-wide events and initiatives promoting physical fitness and sports. This could include fun runs, charity walks, sports tournaments, or fitness challenges that bring people together to celebrate health and wellness. 

        Success Tip: Enjoy these activities with friends and family. Fitness does not have to be an individual pastime. In fact, if you have a support network, you will be more likely to stick with a routine. 

        Learn about the benefits of physical fitness

        The benefits of exercise extend beyond weight loss, fat loss, and other aesthetic reasons. A workout routine can greatly impact your overall health and improve your quality of life.  

          1. Physical fitness improves cardiovascular health, manages weight, and boosts energy levels. 
          1. It enhances mental well-being by reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and promoting cognitive function. 
          1. Regular exercise strengthens bones and muscles, boosts immune function, and contributes to a longer, healthier life. 

          Advocate for Change

          Advocate for policies and initiatives that support physical education in schools, improve access to recreational facilities and create safe and inclusive environments for sports participation. Engage with local authorities, schools, and community organizations to champion initiatives that promote physical fitness and sports. 

            Set Goals and Track Progress

            Set realistic fitness goals for yourself and track your progress over time. Whether it’s increasing endurance, improving strength, or mastering a new skill, setting benchmarks can help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness journey. 

              Success Tip: Beyond traditional data points (the number on the scale, clothing sizes, etc), tracking progress in physical fitness involves monitoring changes in physical appearance, performance, energy levels, mood, sleep quality, functional fitness, motivation, and social connections. 

              Celebrate Achievements

              Celebrate personal achievements and milestones in your fitness journey, big or small. Recognize your progress and accomplishments as you work towards leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

                Give Yourself Extra Support

                Support your joint health by adding a supplement to your fitness routine. As we age, our bodies’ production of hyaluronic acid decreases.  Supplements such as Mia Vita Hyaluronic Acid can help boost skin health, joint and connective tissue functions. 

                  As May unfolds, let’s grasp the opportunity it presents. Let’s educate ourselves on the transformative power of physical fitness, advocate for initiatives supporting active living, and set bold goals propelling us toward our best selves. And as we embark on this journey, let’s not overlook celebrating every victory, big or small, knowing that each step brings us closer to a healthier, happier life. This May, let’s move with purpose, embrace the joy of being active, and script a new chapter in our narrative of well-being. 

                  About the author
                  Kat is an award-winning certified personal trainer and has been transforming lives both in-person and online for over a decade. With a focus on women's fitness, she excels in guiding clients through the various stages of life, from pregnancy to perimenopause. Kat's unique philosophy challenges the notion that the body is broken; instead, she believes in its incredible capability to gain strength at any age. Her expertise and passion create a supportive environment, empowering individuals to excel in their fitness journeys. She designs personalized programs from her extensive online database of workouts and exercises and delivers them to her clients using her customized app. Connect with Kat on her website: https://www.kat.fit/ 

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