Welcome to FemmePharma

The FEMMEPHARMA WOMAN is strong, healthy, and empowered and will not be defined by age, disease, or condition.  FEMMEPHARMA IS FOR YOU!

We believe women have an absolute right to demand more than we have received in safeguarding our health. A woman founded FemmePharma with a mission to break through the “old guard” thinking in the pharmaceutical industry by providing products and treatment options that improve quality of life with women-centric solutions.

Femmepharma recently launched its Women’s Consumer Health division to provide women with products focused on health and wellness, as well as supportive care products designed as they may experience healthcare challenges. The consumer products do not require a prescription, and are available through the FemmePharma online specialty store.

Women-Centric Solutions
We focus on improving the health and quality-of-life for women.

Products will be sequentially introduced in a comprehensive approach.

GMP Certified
We are committed to providing high quality products. All of our products are manufactured following “Good Manufacturing Practices.”