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Get intense hydration without the hormones and mess

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Could a vaginal moisturizer help you?

Many women experience vaginal dryness without having a name for it. They feel tightness, pain, burning, or itching and don’t know why. Our two-minute quiz can help determine if an intimate moisturizer is right for you.

Reviews from Health Care Practitioners

They’re excellent products. I think women will appreciate them because they’re mostly natural. They don’t cause side effects that make people uncomfortable, and they’re very user-friendly. Also, the on-the-go packaging options are very discrete and give women privacy.

Dr. Shawana Moore

Satisfaite is recommended for use during penetration, whether that is intercourse, with toys, or a physical therapy dilator home program.

Theresa Feola,
Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist

I recommend Satisfem™ and Satisfaite™ to my patients because it is made without hormones. It clings to the vulvar and vaginal tissue, so there’s no leaking or dripping – the product stays put where it’s needed. I love that it has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Most skin care products use these pharmaceutical grade ingredients for hydration, why not for your intimate skin?

Dr. Kamilia Smith

FemmePharma Solutions

Satisfem vaginal moisturizer intimate skin care for women relief from vaginal dryness

Satisfem™ Gel

Our intimate skin moisturizer relieves painful vulvar and vaginal dryness, itching, and burning.

Satisfem vaginal moisturizer intimate skin care for women relief from vaginal dryness

Satisfem™ Bud

Satisfem™ Bud is a single-use applicator for on-the-go use of Satisfem™ Gel.

Satisfaite and Satisfem

The Advanced System

For women with the most severe symptoms, The Advanced System is a daily care regimen for vaginal dryness inside and out.

Satisfem Gel Bud Satisfaite

Mini Suite

Sample the moisturizing relief of all three of our innovative products: Satisfem™ Gel, Satisfem™ Bud, and Satisfaite™.

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