Smiling menopausal woman


Today, we need solutions for women’s health designed by women more than ever — we demand more! It’s not easy to find trusted, credible solutions that work for all the symptoms you are dealing with at 40, 50, 60, and beyond. 

With a range of nonprescription products to give you solutions that arrive at your doorstep for discreet ease, FemmePharma is your trusted destination for know-how, support, and products that deliver.

If you’ve experienced vaginal itching, burning or dryness you know how it can impact your entire day.  Is it just an itch? Is it becoming a constant problem? Do I have another UTI?  

You might just need a vulvar moisturizer.  You don’t need anything messy which is where Satisfem™  Gel comes in.  You’ll need much less than other products for greater relief with no drippy side effects.  Whether you keep a tube by the sink or slide a Bud in your pocket – Satisfem™  is your problem solver.

Menopause Made Me Stronger!

I am and have always been a strong woman, but going through menopause was almost as serious as giving birth — only the opposite of bringing life into the world and more of knowing that you cannot ever do that again. Saying this, it is not something that drove me...

Companies Can Do More Than Wear Pink to Support Survivors

The FemmePharma series, Women We Admire, highlights women who inspire us with extraordinary life lessons. In this edition, we spoke with Andi Drucker to discuss how employers should respect and honor women living and working with a breast cancer diagnosis. Currently...

Bringing Beauty Back to Survivors of Breast Cancer: Dana Donofree

The FemmePharma series, Women We Admire, highlights women who inspire us with extraordinary life lessons. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 27, Dana Donofree founded AnaOno out of her own necessity and desire for pretty, sexy, beautiful lingerie. After a bilateral...

Dr. Deb Answers Some of Your Menopause Questions

Thanks for all your comments and questions. I have taken the common questions and provided some short answers – based on scientific literature.  Do chat with your clinicians and also there is much more literature out there if you are interested. Menopause...