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Impact of Chemotherapy on Intimacy & Vulva-vaginal health

A discussion on how to help women undergoing body image and intimacy issues as a result of chemotherapy with Dr Deb Saltman, Traci Owen (Oncology Sexual Health Specialist) and Mrs. Arizona, Arpi Hamilton, a breast cancer survivor.


Pelvic Rehabilitation & Vaginal and Sexual Health?

How pelvic rehabilitation can help your vaginal and sexual health webinar with Dr Deb Saltman and Theresa Feola.

Vaginal & Vulvar Problems Telemedicine

How to optimize your telemedicine consultation for vaginal & vulvar problems with Nancy Phelan, C-Suite Biopharma Commercial Leader​, Dr. Dana Shanis, Dr. Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, Dr. Katherine Sherif and Dr.  Deborah Saltman.

When Dating Hurts

A conversation about the warning signs and effects of dating violence with ‘When Dating Hurts’ author Bill Mitchell.


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