Meghan Reviews Mia Vita

Meghan uses Mia Vita to provide her with much needed relief from vaginal dryness and make sex more enjoyable post-chemotherapy.

Dr. Heather Hirsch Reviews Our Products

Dr. Heather Hirsch loves the moisturizing and lubricating properties of FemmePharma’s products. She loves our vaginal moisturizer as it’s made with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Michelle Reviews FemmePharma

Your changing body during pregnancy can bring many unwanted side effects. If you struggle with your changing body and symptoms of pregnancy, take a listen to @mamastay_healthy share how FemmePharma helped her while pregnant.

Chelsea Caris Reviews Our Products for Postpartum Use

The effects pregnancy can have on our bodies is difficult and unchartered territory for some. These changes are different for everyone and can bring some unwanted side effects both during and after pregnancy. Chelsea Caris shares her experience post-partum and how FemmePharma helped her.

Dr. Shardey Reviews Our Products

Dr. Shardey discusses her self-care routine, which includes FemmePharma to help with vaginal and vulva dryness that can be caused by soaps, bubble baths, and other self-care rituals.

Aimee Esther Talks Self Care & FemmePharma

Self care is difficult. Being chronically ill can make it seem impossible. Aimee coaches viewers on how she manages her self care and talks about using FemmePharma’s products.

Impact of Chemotherapy on Intimacy & Vulva-vaginal health

A discussion on how to help women undergoing body image and intimacy issues as a result of chemotherapy with Dr Deb Saltman, Traci Owen (Oncology Sexual Health Specialist) and Mrs. Arizona, Arpi Hamilton, a breast cancer survivor.

Pelvic Rehabilitation & Vaginal and Sexual Health?

How pelvic rehabilitation can help your vaginal and sexual health webinar with Dr Deb Saltman and Theresa Feola.

Vaginal & Vulvar Problems Telemedicine

How to optimize your telemedicine consultation for vaginal & vulvar problems with Nancy Phelan, C-Suite Biopharma Commercial Leader​, Dr. Dana Shanis, Dr. Sabitha Pillai-FriedmanDr. Katherine Sherif and Dr.  Deborah Saltman.

When Dating Hurts

A conversation about the warning signs and effects of dating violence with ‘When Dating Hurts’ author Bill Mitchell.

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