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‘Love Mia Vita’ means ‘Love My Life’ and that is a mantra we should all live by! Hosted by Gerie DiPiano, founder and CEO of FemmePharma; she sits down with an expert in a field surrounding women’s health to investigate the misunderstood, the undiscussed, and sometimes the embarrassing aspects of life.

We will engage in a lively conversation of tips (and myths), sexuality, feminism, and everything else that is part of womanhood.

Here’s a “How-to” guide for talking with your partner about expanding your relationship. Connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser here:
Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dr. Shawana Moore to learn about her mentorship program. Dr. Shawana Moore is a nationally recognized, board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner who specializes in providing women’s and gender-related care throughout the lifespan.
Red flags can be subtle or overt and can either be a personality trait or how the person reacts to a situation. Self-awareness around red flags and possible toxic behavioral traits can help you stay safe in your relationship. To connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser visit
It’s an insidious fact of life that even in a democratic society like ours, disparities continue to exist. And the U.S. healthcare system is not immune by any stretch. Gerie DiPiano and Dr. Shawana Moore discuss the history, the impact, and how to address racial disparities in healthcare.
Gerie DiPiano, CEO of FemmePharma sits down with Katie Keating, a cofounder of Fancy NYC. Fancy NYC is a New York advertising agency that focuses on women and is busting taboos with great data and information.
Check out Fancy NYC here:
The impact of a chronic illness, disease or diagnosis on caregivers is enormous emotionally, relationally, financially, logistically, sexually, and soulfully. To connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser visit
Gerie DiPiano, CEO of FemmePharma, sits down with Dr. Dana Shanis to discuss what gynecological care looks like to cancer survivors. To connect with Dr. Shanis visit
Join Gerie as she delves into the superwoman complex with Dr. C. Nicole Swiner. From elevated stress levels to sleep disorders, discover the hidden toll of striving for perfection in every aspect of life. Listen to gain insights on recognizing and addressing the superwoman trap for improved well-being.
The menopause transition causes a myriad of changes to our bodies. Kat Bright shares her personal training tips to help you feel your best during the transition.
To connect with Kat Bright visit
Sexuality is a core component of who we are as humans and sexual education is vital for healthcare practitioners so you are able to best help your patients.
To connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser visit
Denise Pines founded Tea Botanics to offer healing teas for menopause and created a powerful menopause community called WisePause Wellness. Check out both of her endeavors here: and
We all want to have a fulfilling sex life so Gerie DiPiano, CEO of FemmePharma sits down with sex therapist Dr. Juliana Hauser to learn her tips to achieve sexual connection with your partner. To connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser visit
The DIRe model highlights the importance of social networks for our well-being and outlines the various aspects of our lives that affect our social relationships. Dr. Juliana and Gerie DiPiano, CEO of FemmePharma break down the DIRe model and how we can apply it to our daily routine. To connect with Dr. Juliana Hauser visit
Effective communication is the basis for any healthy relationship. It’s a skill we learn and practice throughout our life, and effective communication needs to be adaptive, creative, and flexible in order to be truly successful.
Gerie sits down with Dr. Sherif to discuss what proper sleep hygiene means. Dr. Sherif also shares her top 3 most important tips to help us fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.
Losing a partner is an incredibly difficult experience, and the healing path / moving forward process can be unclear, and at times seem impossible. Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to learn ways to move through this experience.
As we age, we will notice changes to our skin texture and appearance. Gerie sits down with Alison Bladh, a registered aesthetician to discuss skincare and makeup for women as we age.
When we think of exercising, we think of cardio, strength training, but what about pelvic exercises? Gerie sits down with Danica Belisle from Midwest Pelvic Health to learn why we need to be taking care of our pelvic health.
It is life altering to go through a divorce. We are often left feeling lost. Gerie sits down with couples and family therapist, Dr. Juliana to discuss how to help you through a divorce.
Maintaining good bacteria is vital for maintaining our overall health. Gerie sits down with Dr. Katherine Sherif to discuss why our gut health is so important and what we should be including in our diet for a healthy gut.
Have you ever heard of a midlife mentor? Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to understand how midlife mentors can help you make the most out of midlife.
1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid disease. Gerie sits down with Dr. Katherine Sherif to discuss how the thyroid gland affects your overall health.
It’s important to recognize lichen sclerosus early. If not detected and treated, it can lead to skin cancer and other complications. Gerie sits down with Dr. Anthony Benedetto to discuss this rare, but serious condition.
There is a lack of women being represented in healthcare research and our current healthcare system is failing to address women’s health needs. Gerie sits down with Soo Son to bring to light the limitations women face in healthcare.
The transition into midlife and through midlife can provoke many emotions. Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to discuss how to thrive through midlife.
It’s our 50th episode! To celebrate, Gerie DiPiano sits down with the hilarious Carole Montgomery to discuss menopause and midlife with humor.
Selfcare is more than bubble baths and face masks. Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dr. Shawana Moore to discuss tips on how your selfcare routine is vital to maintaining proper mental health.
Dr. Dana Shanis & Catherine McGinty from VHealth & Wellness sits down with Gerianne DiPiano to discuss what it means to take a more holistic approach to women’s health and gynecology.
The journey to menopause, called perimenopause, is one you do not have to go alone. We sit down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to discuss how partners can navigate menopause together.
As we age, we inevitably notice changes with our hair, skin, and health. Alison Bladh shares tips to ensure healthy hair throughout our lives.
Pause Well Aging is a luxurious line of clean, vegan, hormone-free skincare products designed to work with your skin as you age.
VMS (vasomotor symptoms of menopause) is characterized by hot flashes and night sweats. Learn how they happen and what you can do to put an end to them.
Are you familiar with Title 9? If you’re a parent, you’ll want to know everything about Title 9 and how to educate and protect your children as they progress through their education.
Did you know, the menopause transition increases a woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease?
Ever feel like making friends as an adult is impossible? Gerie DiPiano sits down with Martha Gamboa from Frendii who has made this process less intimidating.
Do you feel your relationship is in a rut? Looking to bring the spark back? FemmePharma sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to help you keep the spark alive in your relationship.
Gerie sits down with Dr. Mark Ratner, a board-certified urologist to discuss ways to support the endocannabinoid system through non-hemp, non-cannabis solutions.

When we realize who we are and what we want – and that what we need matters – we can show up in the world authentically and take back control of our true selves.
Did you remember to put yourself first today?
We often, as women, think about everyone else in our lives first and cater to their needs first. We then forget about our needs. 
Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to discuss women’s rights and what the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade means women’s health and their agency.
Positive psychology focuses on our strengths and gives us the tools to nurture and build them up.
We are all aware of the hot flashes caused by menopause, but the symptoms don’t stop there. Learn some of the lesser known symptoms of menopause.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful journey. Gerie sits down Shelley Bailey, founder of Famlee who hopes to make it less stressful.
 Meghan Koziel Arpi Hamilton to discuss their breast cancer journey and how they have navigated intimacy with themselves and with their partners.
Vaginal dryness and itching is a lesser-known side effect of some medications or goes forgotten, but it should not be ignored.
The bidet has gotten a facelift to fit in modern society. Dr. Deborah Saltman and Gerie Dipiano sit down to discuss more on the bidet and why a portable bidet just makes sense!

Taking care of your skin is important. Dr. Anthony Benedetto sits down with Gerie to discuss how we should be taking care of our skin when we are in our 20s and 30s, 40s, and beyond.

All through their lives men and women experience hormonal changes with major shifts during midlife. As a couple, it is important to discuss these changes that take place and how they affect the partnership.

Patricia Fennell is an expert on chronic illness, focusing on how the experience of chronic syndromes and trauma influence the psychological, social, and physical experience of the patient and the family. 
Cancer and Chemotherapy have effects on all aspects of an individual and their family’s lives.
 Learn how it’s a man’s responsibility to understand a woman’s body, how it works, and how it continues to change throughout their lives. Today we dispel the misinformation embedded through society.
Learn tips to facing and fighting disparities in the medical field as an LGBTQIA+ community member.
Women of all ages should be paying attention to the delicate skin of their vulva and vagina. Vaginal education in our society should begin at a young age.
Melissa Berry from Cancer Fashionista shares tips and information for women to help them still feel like themselves through treatment. 
Bossa Bars have formulated energy bars to help women feel energized and empowered through menopause. 
Gerie DiPiano sits down with Ann Marie McQueen from Hot Flash Inc. to talk all things menopause and why Hot Flash Inc. is such an important recourse for women in perimenopause and menopause.
Sex positivity. What is it? What do I want my sex positive life to look like? We answer all your questions with Dr. Juliana Hauser.
Is intercourse painful? Do you find yourself anxious before sex out of fear of discomfort?
Alison Bladh is a nutritional specialist who specializes in perimenopause and menopause nutrition. Gerie sits down with Alison to discuss how our diet and nutrition affects the quality of our sleep.
Have you ever felt an urgent need to go? A burning sensation? Pain during sex? Difficulty having an orgasm? It may be genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)
Gerie sits down with Lola Arnao Beauty to hear their story. Its mission is to give women a clean, sustainable, and more luxurious shaving experience.
When we think about nutrition, we think about eating healthy for our physical health. However; nutrition affects our mental health as much as it does our physical health. 
Sexual fulfillment can be difficult for some couples and even individuals to discover. Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser and discusses the steps that will help you to live your best sexually fulfilled life.
Sex toys can be empowering! Gerie sits down with Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas to discuss how sex toys can help us learn, explore, and better understand our bodies.

Gerie sits down with Alison Bladh, nutritional therapist to discuss how to lower and manage your blood sugar especially during the perimenopausal and the menopausal years.
Gerie sits down with Dr. Sherif to discuss her advanced understanding on women’s health and PCOS. Dr. Sherif helps women navigate and understand PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
Learn how to become a more sexually confident you.
Menopause is a difficult time for many women, especially when it is unexpected. Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dalene Fallon to talk about menopause and perimenopause
Bidets have been integral part of European and Asian culture for centuries. They are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper, but Americans have been slow to adopt this trend. 
Transitioning into menopause isn’t easy. Kamili Wilson is trying to make this transition easy, not only for herself but for women all over by sharing symptoms, resources, and support.
Dr. Sallie Sarrel speaks about why Endometriosis is an issue beyond just the woman (or man) who has it. 
Gerianne DiPiano and Dr. Vonda Wright discuss the daily investment into your health and the importance of musculoskeletal health as we age.
Learn how to harness the potential of cannabis (THC), CBD, and products containing both THC and CBD, particularly around the pelvic region.
Learn how to harness the potential of cannabis (THC), CBD, and products containing both THC and CBD, particularly around the pelvic region.
Sleeplessness is now classified as a public health epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Part 2.
Sleeplessness is now classified as a public health epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Part 1.
Sit back, relax, and join us as we talk about the podcast, why we’ve decided to do it, and what you can look forward to hearing from us in the near future. We are excited to talk all things women!

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