Love Mia Vita Podcast

Love Mia Vita Podcast

‘Love Mia Vita’ means ‘Love My Life’ and that is a mantra we should all live by! Hosted by Gerie DiPiano, founder and CEO of FemmePharma; she sits down with an expert in a field surrounding women’s health to investigate the misunderstood, the undiscussed, and sometimes the embarrassing aspects of life.

We will engage in a lively conversation of tips (and myths), sexuality, feminism, and everything else that is part of womanhood.

Episode 31: When we realize who we are and what we want – and that what we need matters – we can show up in the world authentically and take back control of our true selves.

Episode 30: Gerie DiPiano sits down Lola Arnao Beauty to hear their story.

Episode 29: Gerie DiPiano sits down with Judith Costa to help understand the importance of self-love and how it will improve all aspects of our life.

Episode 28: Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dalene Fallon to discuss the important role nutrition has on depression and our mental health.

Episode 27: Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser to discuss women’s rights and what the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade means women’s health and their agency.

Episode 26: Sexual fulfillment can be difficult for some couples and even individuals to discover. Gerie sits down with Dr. Juliana Hauser and discusses the steps that will help you to live your best sexually fulfilled life.

Episode 25: Gerie sits down with Louis Alloro to discuss how practicing positive psychology can create a positive impact in our lives. Positive psychology focuses on our strengths and gives us the tools to nurture and build them up.

Episode 24: Sex toys can be empowering! Gerie sits down with Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas to discuss how sex toys can help us learn, explore, and better understand our bodies.

Episode 23: Lesser known symptoms of menopause with Dr. Heather Hirsh. We are all aware of the hot flashes caused by menopause, but the symptoms don’t stop there. Gerie sits down with Dr. Heather Hirsh, a menopause expert doctor to discuss some of the lesser known symptoms of menopause.

Episode 22: How nutrition can ease menopause symptoms with Alison Bladh. Gerie sits down with Alison Bladh, nutritional therapist to discuss how to lower and manage your blood sugar especially during the perimenopausal and the menopausal years.

Episode 21: Trying to conceive can be a stressful journey. Gerie sits down Shelley Bailey, founder of Famlee who hopes to make it less stressful. Famlee is on a mission to empower women to take proactive steps to understanding their bodies, hormones, and overall health throughout their pregnancy journey. Learn more and use code LoveMiaVita100 to get $100 off your first consult! Visit

Episode 20: Gerie sits down with Dr. Sherif to discuss her advanced understanding on women’s health and PCOS. Dr. Sherif helps women navigate and understand PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Episode 19: Gerie DiPiano sits down with two breast cancer survivors- Meghan Koziel Arpi Hamilton to discuss their breast cancer journey and how they have navigated intimacy with themselves and with their partners.

Episode 18: Dr. Juliana Hauser leads conversations about relationships, agency, sexuality, intimacy, and so much more with approachability, professionalism, expertise, and fun. Dr. Juliana has spent decades counseling and supporting thousands of individuals and partners on their paths to discover their sexual agency (confidence), relationship intimacy and fulfilling sexual connection. To learn more and connect with Dr. Hauser check out .


Episode 17: Gerie DiPiano and Dr. Deb Saltman discuss how medications that help us may also be causing us problems. Vaginal dryness and itching is a lesser-known side effect of some medications or goes forgotten, but it should not be ignored.


Episode 16: Menopause is a difficult time for many women, especially when it is unexpected. Gerie DiPiano sits down with Dalene Fallon to talk about menopause and perimenopause. Dalene went into menopause earlier than expected after having invasive surgery and was not finding the answers she needed. With an arsenal of knowledge on menopause, she now helps women by providing much-needed answers. 


Episode 15: The bidet has gotten a facelift to fit in modern society. Dr. Deborah Saltman and Gerie Dipiano sit down to discuss more on the bidet and why a portable bidet just makes sense! 


Episode 14: Bidets have been integral part of European and Asian culture for centuries. They are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper, but Americans have been slow to adopt this trend. Dr. Deborah Saltman and Gerie Dipiano sit down and talk about the bidet and why Americans should ditch the toilet paper and pick up a bidet. 


Episode 13: Taking care of your skin is important. Dr. Anthony Benedetto sits down with Gerie to discuss how we should be taking care of our skin when we are in our 20s and 30s, 40s, and beyond. 


Episode 12: Transitioning into menopause isn’t easy. Kamili Wilson is trying to make this transition easy, not only for herself but for women all over by sharing symptoms, resources, and support on her website Perimenopause is something a lot of women do not fully understand, so we hope this episode can help women detect their symptoms early and receive treatment options to continue to live their life to the fullest. 


Episode 11: All through their lives men and women experience hormonal changes with major shifts during midlife. As a couple, it is important to discuss these changes that take place and how they affect the partnership. Investing in self-care and supporting your partner in their self-care is key. Dr. Deborah Saltman and Dr. Edwin Hemwall dicuss the journey of menopause from a couple’s perspective. 


Episode 10: Dr. Sallie Sarrel speaks about why Endometriosis is an issue beyond just the woman (or man) who has it. Endometriosis affects the families, friends, and life of all that are involved. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and co-founder of The Endometriosis Summit, Dr. Sallie is trained in a wide range of physical therapy techniques. She specializes in internal and external pelvic mobilization. Gerie speaks with Dr. Sallie about the social injustice endometriosis has become 


Episode 9: Patricia Fennell is an expert on chronic illness, focusing on how the experience of chronic syndromes and trauma influence the psychological, social, and physical experience of the patient and the family. She developed, researched, and validated the Fennell Four-Phase Model (FFPM) for understanding and treating chronic medical and mental health conditions, trauma, disability, and the effects of crime. Gerie talks with Patricia Fennell about the effects of chronic illness on women, the role of women in household health care, and more 


Episode 8: Gerie and Dr. Vonda Wright discuss the daily investment into your health and the importance of musculoskeletal health as we age. For 20 years, Dr. Vonda Wright has dedicated her work and research as an orthopedic surgeon, elite sports doc, public speaker, published author, biotech consultant, non-profit founder, and health innovator to optimize aging. 

Episode 7: Cancer and Chemotherapy have effects on all aspects of an individual and their family’s lives. Join us on Love, Mia Vita for a discussion on stories and guidance around how to help yourself, your significant other, or your friend who is undergoing body image and intimacy issues as a result of chemotherapy. Advice from Dr. Deb Saltman, Traci Owen (Oncology Sexual Health Specialist), and Mrs. Arizona, Arpi Hamilton, a breast cancer survivor, makes this an incredible episode you do not want to miss!

Episode 6: Gerie interviews Monica Vialpando, Ph.D., the founder and CEO of Via Innovations. The two discuss how to harness the potential of cannabis (THC), CBD, and products containing both THC and CBD, particularly around the pelvic region.

Episode 5: In this podcast episode of Love Mia Vita, Dr. Maria Sophocles, MD, a thought leader and gynecologist and our host Gerie DiPiano discuss a man’s responsibility to understand a woman’s body, how it works, and how it continues to change throughout their lives. Today we dispel the misinformation embedded through society.

Episode 4: Sleeplessness is now classified as a public health epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In part 1 we discussed sleep deprivation and being a working woman. In this episode, we will discuss the use of sleep aids and the different effects on women vs men. Part 2 of a two-part series.

Episode 3: In this episode, co-host Dr. Deb Saltman is our special guest, interviewed by Gerie DiPiano about being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in health care. Dr. Saltman shares her coming-out story, experiences, and tips to facing and fighting disparities in the medical field as an LGBTQIA+ community member.

Episode 2: Sleeplessness is now classified as a public health epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Join us as we discuss sleep deprivation, working women, and our own experiences with restlessness. Part one of a two-part series.

Episode 1: Women of all ages should be paying attention to the delicate skin of their vulva and vagina. Vaginal education in our society should begin at a young age. We learn the importance of skincare at a very young age, but skincare ‘down there’ is not emphasized. Practicing good self-care of all of your skin, especially your intimate skin is vital to your overall health. Neglecting your intimate parts could be the cause of vaginal irritation, itching, or burning. It’s not too late to take control.



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