Publications for Medical Professionals

Overview of VA treatments

The Women’s EMPOWER Survey: women’s knowledge and awareness of treatment options for vulvar and vaginal atrophy remains inadequate

By Krychman, Graham, Bernick, Mirkin, Kingsberg
J Sex Med. Mar 2017.

Complementary and alternative medicine for menopause (journal of evidence-based integrative medicine)

By Johnson, Roberts, Elkins. March 2019.

Hyaluronic acid and controlled release – a review

By S. Bayer. June 2020

Maintaining sexual health throughout gynecologic cancer

By Huffman, Hartenbach, Carter, Rash, Kushner. Feb 2016

Perimenopause – from research to practice

By Santoro. April 2016.

Vaginal rejuvenation – current perspectives

By Barbara, Facchin, Buggio, Alberico, Frattaruolo, Kustermann. Jul 2017

Clinical Studies

A survey of the therapeutic effects of vitamin E suppositories on vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women

By Emamverdikhan, Golmakani, Tabassi, Hassanzadeh, Sharifi, Shakeri, Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res. Sep-Oct 2016

Genitourinary syndrome of Menopause – Effects on relates factors, quality of life, and self-care power

By Karakoc, Uctu, Ozerdogan. April 2019

Predictors of Impact of Vaginal Symptoms in Postmenopausal Women

By Hunter, Nakagawa, Van Den Eeden, Kuppermann, Huang. Jan 2017

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