Hectic lives call for convenient solutions, which is where our Bundles come in. For ease of ordering, we’ve paired Satisfem™ Gel, our nonprescription solution to vulvar irritation, with Satisfem™ Bud, the same product in a single-use applicator. We also created regimens that include both external-use Satisfem™ and internal-use Satisfaite™. When used together on a regular basis, they are proven to provide maximum relief from vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and other discomfort associated with menopause.

Satisfaite and Satisfem

The Advanced System

For women with the most severe symptoms, The Advanced System is a daily care regimen for vaginal dryness inside and out.

Satisfaite and Satisfem

The System

Pair Satisfem™ Gel and Satisfaite™ for regular use and significant relief from vaginal dryness inside and out.

Satisfem Gel Bud Satisfaite

Trial Pack

Sample the moisturizing relief of all three of our innovative products: Satisfem™ Gel, Satisfem™ Bud, and Satisfaite™.