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Menopausal women have unmet needs.

  • More than half experience symptoms of vaginal dryness. 1View Source
  • More than half reported that it interfered with their enjoyment of sexual intercourse. 1View Source
  • 45% reported that it interfered with their relationship. 1View Source
  • 29% reported that it interfered with their sleep. 1View Source
  • Yet only 7% of women reported that their Health Care Professional initiated a conversation about their symptoms. 2View Source

Women are dissatisfied with current OTC options.

Women are dissatisfied with estrogen.

  • 41% felt concerns about the safety of estrogen. 1View Source
  • 23% felt that estrogen did not provide enough relief. 1View Source

Many women taking oral estrogen still experience issues related to vaginal dryness. 3View Source 4View Source

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E are well proven ingredients to treat symptoms of vaginal dryness. 5View Source 6View Source 7View Source 8View Source 9View Source

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