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Our nonprescription products are the results of decades of research into the health concerns of women 40, 50, 60, and beyond.

We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, are GMP compliant, and get FDA clearance when applicable.


Satisfem™ Gel

Intimate skin moisturizer is created to help relieve vaginal and vulvar itching, burning, or dryness.


An intimate skin moisturizer cleared by the FDA for internal use.
Coming soon.

Satisfem™ Bud

Satisfem™ Bud is a single-use applicator that contains the Satisfem™ Gel you already love.


A whey-based, vitamin-enriched nutritional supplement.
Coming soon.

Satisfem™ Bundle

Combine Satisfem™ Bud for on the go and Satisfem™ Gel for in your bathroom with our bundle of products.

Satisfem™ Mini

Satisfem™ Gel is specifically formulated for women by women.

Ingredients Matter

Cleared by the FDA

Using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) systems, we bring you consistency and quality you can trust—going the extra mile to get FDA clearance when applicable. 

Free of Hormones

Our science-based formulas are created for regular, long-term use. They are made without estrogen or other hormones, which may increase health risks.

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