Intimate Skin Moisturizer (ISM)

Has your intimate skin moisturizer failed to relieve your itching, burning and/or irritation? Not all moisturizers are created equally. Our next-generation ISM is designed specifically for your most intimate areas (your vulva, labia). FemmePharma’s hydrating formula helps reduce vulvar itching, burning and irritation. Each travel-sized tube is discreet and convenient for use when you’re on the go.

Each Box Contains Four 15g Tubes
  • Non-Prescription
  • Made without estrogen
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Update or cancel your subscription anytime
  • FREE Shipping

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1 Box / 4 Tubes (15g each)

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Why Choose Our Intimate Skin Moisturizer?


Soothing Relief

Safe for Sensitive Areas

Intense Hydration

The skin on your face needs a different moisturizer than the skin on your hands. The same is true of the skin in and around your vagina. Our intimate skin moisturizer is backed by years of scientific research to provide relief from vulvar dryness.

The Joy of Renewal

You want the life you had – or the life you dreamed of – not a life of worrying about menopausal symptoms. Our formula not only creates the intense hydration you need, but it is also designed not to leak or drip, making it superior to other products in its category.

Live the Difference

Who wants to walk down the aisle of shame in a sea of pink? No one.

Our products are delivered to your door via our worry-free subscription service. Each package contains four 15ml travel-sized tubes, providing relief any time you need it no matter where you are.

Should I Purchase a Subscription?

Your daily self-care regimen includes moisturizers for your eyes, face, lips, and body. Why ignore your most sensitive skin when it needs moisture the most?

As a woman who experiences chronic vaginal and vulvar symptoms of menopause (itching, burning, and dryness), you know how inconvenient these symptoms can be. Our product, when used as part of your daily self-care regimen, can help. You can customize the number of boxes you receive based on your needs and have the option of subscribing on a monthly or three-month basis.

Frequency of Use

To achieve the best results, we recommend applying our intimate skin moisturizer every time you use the bathroom for the first month and then once a day from the second month on to maintain the intense hydration you need.

Worry-Free Shipping

When you subscribe, you have the option to receive a one- or three-month supply. Once your subscription is set up, we will auto-ship the product to you to help you maintain hydration. No need to worry about running to the store or remembering to order another shipment. We’ll take care of it!

Support & Community

Additionally, we do not want you to feel like you must tackle menopause alone. When you subscribe, you will get access to our exclusive online support group, Menopositivity. Dr. Deborah Saltman, our highly accomplished menopause doctor, is one of the group’s moderators and will address your most pressing questions.

Ingredients Matter

We’ve cared about women and women’s health for more than 20 years. Our consumer products are borne from years of research and development and our frustration about pharmaceutical companies’ lack of care for women.

That is why we set our standards so high. We test every single batch to ensure our products are worthy of your most intimate areas. Our science-based formula only contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, like powerhouse hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid | hy·​al·​uron·​ic acid (noun)


Its moisture-binding properties are why hyaluronic acid is so often one of the top ingredients in skin care products formulated for your face.


By boosting hydration, hyaluronic acid instantly soothes and softens your most sensitive skin, alleviating discomfort.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, HydroxyEthylCellulose (HEC), Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylparaben, Vitamin E

Instructions for Use

FemmePharma’s Intimate Skin Moisturizer has been scientifically tested and designed to relieve dryness, chafing, redness, and inflammation on your vulva – the skin on the external part of your vagina that is causing you discomfort and ruining your day.

Please note that this product is NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

Please note that this product is NOT TO BE USED AS A PERSONAL LUBRICANT.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Open flip top.
  3. Dispense a small amount (grape-size drop) on to a tissue or your fingertip.
  4. Apply the moisturizer to the vulvar tissue (lips of vaginal area) and outside the vaginal opening.
  5. Repeat as needed.