The Bidet Is Making a Come-Back

The Bidet Is Making a Come-Back

There is a reason why bidets have been around since the 1600s. Yep. You read that right. The first bidet was produced in France in the 1600s for high society aristocrats who wanted to practice better personal hygiene care. Since then, they have been an integral part of European and Asian culture. In fact, Italy passed a law in 1975 that mandated every home to at least have one bidet. They are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper, but Americans have been slow to adopt this trend.

Read on to learn why bidets make a great alternative to toilet paper.

The bidet is better for the environment

As we are trying to be more conscious about the environment, reducing our paper waste in the bathroom is a good start. Approximately 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to make toilet paper. Think about how many trips to the bathroom we take every day… Now think about the amount of toilet paper we are using with each trip. That adds up to about 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 sheets). All this toilet paper usage contributes to global warming because it causes deforestation and emits carbon emissions.

Toilet paper can be irritating

Some toilet paper brands on the market are made of harsh fibers that can easily irritate the delicate skin of our intimate area. When we rub toilet paper against ourselves, little paper particles can get caught in the folds of our labia and vulva, which can become a source of irritation and discomfort. Most of our perineal region is made up of highly sensitive skin and mucosal tissue which doesn’t respond well to even the gentlest rubbing with harsh fibers. 

These problems intensify when toilet paper comes in contact with urine. Urine is highly acidic, and it can “burn” already inflamed and irritated vulvar tissue. Rinsing our vulvar regions with water after we urinate can remove the acid and following up with a vulvar moisturizer helps to create a protective barrier.

Why a portable bidet

A portable bidet is a great option for at home use and on the go. Having a portable bidet in the home makes it easy to take and use in every bathroom and can easily be tucked away. When we are on the go, a portable bidet discreetly fits in any bag with its compact design and offers that ‘fresh out of the shower’ feel after each use.

How a bidet can benefit women

A bidet offers women numerous hygienic benefits. During our menstrual cycle, we might not feel as fresh as we normally do. Using a bidet is a healthier alternative to toilet paper and wet wipes to help us feel fresher and cleaner. When using a bidet, remember to angle the bidet from front to back to avoid any contamination.

We are all aware the golden rule after sex is to always urinate to prevent a UTI, and a bidet further assists in minimizing the chances of developing a UTI by providing a quick cleanup after sex.

Using a bidet is also convenient and practical during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, women can often suffer from hemorrhoids. These enlarged blood vessels in and around the anus can be painful and bleed, using a bidet may soothe the tissues. After pregnancy and when women have just given birth, a bidet may offer a soothing touch to the vaginal region and make going to the bathroom less painful.

Bottom line

A bidet is an environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative to toilet paper. And having a portable bidet offers a pleasant and convenient experience on the go.

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