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COVID-19 forced changes in how we all interact with one another. When the country went on lockdown, even physician’s offices closed and doctors, nurses, and therapists who’d been reluctant to embrace telemedicine had to think about how to best care for their patients from afar. For though the first national telehealth provider launched in Dallas in 2005, it’s only been in the last few months that healthcare providers across the nation have consistently offered virtual appointments in lieu of in-person visits. 

How’s that going and how can it be better? That’s what we’ll explore in our first webinar, June 23. We’ve invited a panel of healthcare practitioners for a candid discussion about how doctors, nurses, and therapists can optimize telemedicine consultations with their menopausal patients.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

1. Interacting with patients and managing a virtual consultation

2. Best practices for engaging in a conversation about menopausal health

3. Supporting the overall health and wellness goals of women in natural and chemical menopause

4. The treatment evolution of vaginal and vulvar conditions

Though the webinar is designed specifically for healthcare professionals, we’re inviting you to listen in and ask questions. We know that though telemedicine has its benefits — particularly in a pandemic — healthcare is best when patient and physician can physically be in the same room. We believe that telemedicine is here to stay. That’s why we want to help practitioners and the women who depend on them have successful virtual visits.

Sign up to attend the webinar on June 23.

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FemmePharma started as a pharmaceutical research and development company more than 20 years ago. We’ve been reinventing women’s healthcare ever since. Please consult your healthcare practitioner to decide which product best meets your needs.

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