3 Reasons To Use a Personal Lubricant

3 Reasons You Should Use a Lubricant

Let’s break the stigma around lubricants. 

The main function of a personal lubricant is to remedy the lack of natural lubrication. Some lubricants are designed for short-term relief during sex. Other lubricants, like Mia Vita Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer, are designed to provide all-day relief from vaginal dryness and vaginal discomfort by moisturizing sensitive skin as well as being an aid during intimacy.

1. Lube helps to supplement the body’s natural lubrication

Vaginal dryness is common for women of any age to experience. Vaginal dryness can be a result of menopause, contraceptive pills, cancer treatments, and can be a result of taking antidepressants. Vaginal dryness can cause pain and itching throughout the day and pain and discomfort during sex.

To help maintain the vagina’s lubrication, elasticity, and thickness, we need to have enough estrogen. However, as we age, estrogen levels gradually decline resulting in the vaginal tissue becoming thinner and less moisturized. This is known as vaginal atrophy

Nearly 50% of women will experience vaginal atrophy related to menopause. You are not alone.

Vaginal atrophy is responsible for vaginal dryness, itching, and inflammation, and some women may experience frequent UTIs. Painful intercourse is among the most common problem that arises from vaginal atrophy due to menopause. Reports show that 15% of women experience these symptoms before menopause and that increases to 40% to 57% of women after menopause. It’s encouraged to moisturize daily and continue to enjoy safe sex to help maintain vaginal health.

2. A lubricant allows for more comfortable sex

Even if you find yourself in the mood, it might take your body a few moments to catch up. Naturally, the vagina is self-lubricating. There are two small glands at the opening of the vagina called Bartholin glands that secrete fluid to help lubricate the vagina. Sometimes, these glands don’t offer enough lubrication, and that’s okay! 

Supplementing with a personal lubricant before penetrative sex will help to minimize discomfort and friction. Friction will exacerbate any discomfort and can also cause tearing which leads you vulnerable to infections. Using a lubricant may also intensify sexual pleasure. 

3. Personal lubricants and moisturizers improve vaginal tissue

Think of your intimate skin the same way you do your face. When your face feels dry and tight, you reach for a moisturizer. Vaginal moisturizers are like facial moisturizers when they are used daily. They help improve the vaginal tissue, the elasticity, and the pliability of the vagina. When applied, vaginal moisturizers adhere to the vaginal wall and to the mucosa which promotes hydration and helps to stimulate lubrication. 

Ingredients matter

Make sure you take notice of the ingredients when shopping for lubricants. Lubricants made with hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E help to draw moisture into the tissues and help keep it there. Always avoid flavored lubricants; they often contain glucose (sugar) which may increase your chances of developing yeast infections

What is the best lubricant to use?

Water-based lubricants are among the most popular type of personal lubricant to use because they are safe for sensitive skin and for women who experience vaginal irritation. Water-based lubricants are also very versatile; they are compatible with any sex toy and they pair perfectly with most condoms. They are great for daily use because they won’t stain sheets or clothing.

Mia Vita Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer is an FDA-cleared nonprescription relief from vaginal dryness. When used regularly, it can provide relief from vaginal burning, itching, and pain. It can also make sex more comfortable. Mia Vita personal lubricant is a water based lubricant that does not leak, drip, or cause a mess.

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