Top 3 Sex Toys for Beginners

Sex is natural. Sex is normal. Sex is healthy. Sex is fun! Whether we’re enjoying solo fun or with a partner, sex makes us feel good physically and mentally. Research shows that sex triggers the release of hormones and chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which help promote happiness, satisfaction, and overall well-being. 

So, you want to know what are the best sex toys? We hope our beginner’s guide to sex toys helps. Sex toys are a great place to start if you are looking for ways to improve your sex life and mental health.

Sex toys can boost our confidence

For a more satisfying sex life, knowing yourself is where it starts. Sex toys can help you explore your body and help you understand what you like best. You learn what your erogenous zones are, possible kinks, and your desires. Armed with all this sexual self-knowledge, you become a more confident you who can communicate what you want with sexual partners.

Sex toys can improve our relationship

Introducing sex toys in the bedroom can lend itself to improving your relationship outside of the bedroom. Sex toys can pave the way for better communication because you are opening a conversation about your needs and desires; this can spill over into topics outside the bedroom.

Sex toys can be intimidating if you are new. There is a lot to cover — from internal use to external use, and everything in between. The best way to find what you like is to try them out, so let’s get busy!

The Classic Vibrator

You just can’t beat the classics. A vibrator is a great place to start as you dive into the world of sex toys. They come in all shapes, sizes, and can be used internally and externally. Vibrators are a great addition to partner play or for solo fun. Research suggests that vibrator use is not only common — approximately 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men ages 18 to 60 use vibrators — it’s also associated with more positive sexual function and being more proactive in caring for one’s sexual health.

Everyone is different and so are vibrators. Some vibrators are designed for G-spot stimulation, others are designed for clitoral stimulation, and some give you the best of both worlds. Knowing what you like will help you narrow down what vibrator you will best vibe with.

The Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are a good introduction to sex toys. They are small and discrete devices with lots of power. They usually offer different vibration speeds and are designed for clitoral stimulation.

Pro tip: start on the lowest setting and work your way up.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators were designed for internal use, and they are usually curved to help you reach your G-spot with ease.

The Rabbit

Rabbit vibrators give you the best of both worlds: they stimulate your G-spot and clitoris. You should always use lube with your sex toys, but it’s especially important when using a rabbit. A rabbit vibrator is a penetrative toy with different vibration speeds. Using a lubricant will minimize friction and maximize pleasure.

The Wand

For sex toy lovers everywhere, the wand is known as the O.G. of vibrators. They might look a little intimidating, but they can give you a great clitoral orgasm. Like the rabbit vibrator, the wand vibrator works even better when it is properly lubed up. Wand vibrators usually have a bulbous head with different vibration patterns and speeds for the ultimate customizable experience.

The Dildo

If penetrative sex is what you are after, then a dildo is a good choice. The first dildo was dated around 29000 B.C and discovered in Germany by archeologist Petra Kieselbach. Dildos are modeled after an erect penis and come in different shapes and sizes. They can even include different textures to enhance pleasure.

Pro tip: start small.

Dildos are versatile toys – you can use them vaginally and anally. Some dildos are designed to be used as a strap-on for partner play. Next time you are with your partner, think about using a dildo as a form of foreplay to warm up your muscles before penetrative sex.

Vibrating Rings

Maybe you are looking to share the pleasure? Vibrating rings give both you and your partner some extra stimulation. The ring supports an erect penis by maintaining blood flow, and the vibration acts as a bonus for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Some men find pleasure in the vibrations as well.

Material Matters

The material of your sex toy matters! When shopping for sex toys, keep an eye on what they are made from. Some materials are not safe for the body, like rubber, jelly, and vinyl, because they contain a chemical component called phthalate that can be harmful.

Here are some of the best and safe materials to use:


Silicone is a popular material for good reason. It is non-porous which means bacteria won’t grow and it sterilizes easily. Silicone is also velvety smooth, durable, and is flexible for a more realistic feeling.


Glass toys are eye-catching, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and are great for temperature play because they can be warmed up or cooled down.

Stainless Steel

Like glass, stainless steel is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and completely waterproof. Stainless steel is odorless and tasteless and perfect for experimenting with temperature play.

Don’t Forget About the Lube

Using a lubricant with your sex toys helps to minimize friction and discomfort and can offer different sensations. Our Mia Vita Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer is mess-free and ensures that sexy time stays sexy. Not only that, it pairs great with any sex toy and can be used daily, so you are always ready when the mood strikes. 

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