Why choose FemmePharma for menopause relief?

Made By Women. Backed By Science.

With over 20 years in pharmaceutical research and development, FemmePharma has grown into a company with women’s needs in mind.

Why Use Mia Vita® Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer for menopause relief

  • Custom designed and pH balanced for the vagina
  • Made without hormones
  • Helps to reduce pain during sex
  • No leaking, dripping, or wait time before intimacy
  • Water-based
  • Perfect amount of product for maximum relief

Mia Vita® for all your menopause symptoms

Menopause comes with a number of symptoms and Mia Vita is by your side through all of them.

 A decline in hyaluronic acid and collagen can lead to joint pains and aches. The Mia Vita Hyaluronic Acid Supplement may help to relieve the pain naturally.

Our levels of progesterone – a calming and sleep-inducing hormone – begin to drop leading to insomnia. Mia Vita Sleep contains naturally powerful ingredients like melatonin, L-theanine, and GABA to help to relax you and maintain restful sleep.

Hot flashes and night sweats are caused by fluctuating hormones. Made without hormones, Mia Vita Hot Flash Relief is designed to help keep your “cool”.

Mia vita for your menopause relief
menopause relief

Vaginal dryness from menopause

Vaginal dryness is common in women going through perimenopause and menopause. Vaginal dryness is the least talked about menopausal symptom, but up to 60% of women going through menopause will experience it.

When estrogen levels drop during perimenopause, so do moisture levels in the skin. When this happens, the vulva and vagina can become increasingly dry and sensitive, disrupting daily life and causing painful sex.

Vaginal dryness can be uncomfortable and feel like:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Soreness and tightness
  • Vulvar itching and irritation
  • Pain around the entrance to the vagina 
  • Pain inside the vagina

Quality products for menopause you can trust

  • All Mia Vita® products are manufactured Under GMP principles
  • All Mia Vita® products are made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Made in the USA

Is a vaginal moisturizer right for you?

Menopause relief from hot flashes to vaginal dryness

  • Mia Vita Gel

    Mia Vita® Gel


    Our intimate skin moisturizer relieves painful vulvar and vaginal dryness, itching, and burning.

  • Mia Vita® Hot Flash Relief


    Mia Vita® Hot Flash Relief is an oral supplement to help reduce or eliminate menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.

  • Mia Vita Hyaluronic acid

    Mia Vita® Hyaluronic Acid (Oral Dietary Supplement)


    Mia Vita® Hyaluronic Acid is a vegetarian oral dietary supplement to support skin health, joint and connective tissue functions.

  • Mia Vita Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer

    Mia Vita® Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer


    FDA-cleared nonprescription relief from vaginal dryness. It’s applied intravaginally to hydrate the delicate tissue of the vagina.

  • Mia Vita Sleep

    Mia Vita® Sleep


    Mia Vita® Sleep is a vegetarian and soy free oral supplement to promote better sleep.

  • Mia Vita will ease vaginal dryness from menopause

    Trial Pack


    Sample the moisturizing relief of our innovative products: Mia Vita® Gel and Mia Vita® Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer.

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