What is the best lubricant to use?

Water based lubricants are considered the best lubricant to use because they are most similar to the vagina’s natural lubrication, they don’t stain, they are compatible with most condoms, and can help sex feel more comfortable.

Mia Vita Personal Lubricant

Mia Vita®Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer

  • FDA cleared

  • Pre-filled applicators for easy use

  • Does not leak, drip, or cause a mess

  • Made with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E

  • Compatible with natural rubber, latex, and polyisoprene condoms

Mia Vita® vs a vaginal suppository

Vaginal suppositories are placed inside the vagina to be absorbed. They often leak, drip, and cause a mess because of too much formula and thin formula.


Mia Vita® Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer makes the best lubricant for more comfortable sex because it is a thick gel that delivers intense moisturization with the right amount of volume. This ensures it does not leak or drip. No wait time. No mess.

the best water based lubricant

Is a vaginal moisturizer right for you?

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