14 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

14 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

These date ideas work all year round, but with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we hope this list of date night ideas helps take away the stress of planning for the holiday. 

1. Re-create your first date

Think back to how you felt about your partner when you first met them. Recreating your first date can bring back all the butterflies and excitement. Don’t forget to reminisce about where you were as a couple then, and where you are as a couple now.

2. Visit an animal shelter

Our furry friends need love too this Valentine’s Day. Visit your local animal shelter and fall in love with a new family member.

3. Spa Day

Has work and life been causing stress? A spa day for two might be exactly what your relationship needs. 

4. Winery

There is something so… Je ne sais quoi about sipping wine, pairing it with a nice charcuterie board, and looking out at the vineyards. However, weather and location might make a trip to a vineyard difficult so, set up a winery at home! Buy a few bottles of wine, pick out some new cheese to try, and have a winery day in your living room!

5. Sex toy shop

Okay, bear with us here. We know how this sounds, but this can be an outlandishly fun date to either get to know someone new or spice up your current relationship. A sex toy shop can be a playful way to pique your sexual interest. 

6. Have a staycation

Valentine’s Day is all about prioritizing love. Plan a date night at home and unwind with your partner. 

7. Take up a cooking class 

If you and your partner enjoy cooking meals together, then a cooking class is a great way to bond and sharpen up those cooking skills. Or maybe you’ve never quite gotten the hang of cooking. A cooking class is a great way to find your next signature dish. 

8. Go all out

When was the last time you pampered yourself? Kick up the romance by splurging on a luxury dining experience. Dress to the nines and don’t forget to save room for dessert.  

9. Restaurant hop

Why stay at one restaurant for your entire meal? Choose a few restaurants you’ve never tried, a few favorites, and pick a meal to share at each place! 

10. DIY

Do you have a project around the house that you’ve been putting off? Now is your time to do it. Turn date night into a fun DIY project.

11. Camping indoors 

Go camping… But indoors. Put the fireplace on (could be on your tv) set up a tent (could be a tent made out of blankets), make some smores, and enjoy the great indoors! 

12. Have a lazy day

With the hustle and bustle of life, a lazy day is required every now and then. Plan a lazy day date in bed for the two of you. Stock up on all the snacks, watch your favorite movies, and make sure to take full advantage of the bed.

13. Write love letters

Sometimes writing down your feelings is easier; go ahead and surprise one another with a love letter. Having something tangible that you can hold onto will become a meaningful keepsake. 

14. Build a bucket list

Create a list of the things you two would love to do together and start crossing them off.

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