Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend and get $10 OFF your next purchase

Step 1:

Click on the ‘Refer a Friend’ button in bottom left corner of homepage

Step 2:

Click ‘Sign Up’ on pop-up window

Step 3:

Register a new account or directly log in to your account, if you already have signed up.

Step 4:

After you sign up, the referral link will appear in the ‘My Account’ dashboard.

Choose the envelope button to email referral code to friends/family.

Step 5:

After your friend uses the link to sign up and makes a purchase,* a $10 OFF coupon code will appear in the ‘Referral Coupons’ tab of your account.

Click the coupon to copy the code.

*This account must be a new account. Already existing accounts with FemmePharma will not be considered a referral.

Step 6:

Paste code in coupon code and click ‘Apply’ for $10 OFF your purchase.

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