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Mia Vita® Automatic Portable Bidet

Our bidet is portable, environment friendly, and rechargeable. Easy comfortable cleanliness for home or travel!


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Mia Vita® Automatic Portable Bidet is a cleaner, greener alternative to toilet paper. Using a bidet to cleanse the vulva and area outside the vagina may help to prevent infections, irritation, and inflammation. The bidet comes with a tube of Mia Vita® Gel to lock in the hydration after cleansing. Take it anywhere, recharge, and simple to use!

What is it?

  • An automatic portable bidet that is used to clean your vulva, vagina and anus.
  • A sleek cleaning solution to use daily, post-partum or during periods.
  • Includes 1 tube of Mia Vita Gel® apply after using the bidet to keep the feminine area moisturized.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight with re-chargeable battery.

The details

  • Compact design with foldable water pipe.
  • Pulse spray with low and high mode – choose the water pressure that you like.
  • Refreshingly clean with gentle spray of water.
  • Perfect for maintaining personal hygiene at home and for travel.
  • Package contains : Main bidet unit, detachable water reservoir, USB Charging cable, nylon strap, instructions for use, Mia Vita® Gel tube.

*Not for internal use. External use only.


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