women hand casting a vote

Vote for Women’s Health

This election, there’s a lot on the line – including your health. Cindy Pearson wrote on this topic for the National Women’s Health Network, a non-partisan organization that focuses on policy. She writes:

“Good health depends on more than just good medical care. Healthy food, clean air, and safe workplaces are just some of the non-medical parts of our lives with a tremendous impact on our health. We know that discrimination can compromise people’s health — whether those attitudes are expressed in the exam room, when a clinician disbelieves a woman’s report of disabling menstrual cycles, or in the workplace…”

At FemmePharma, we couldn’t agree more. The right to health is a fundamental human right, and true health is about holistic wellbeing. Women should not have to overcome discrimination from policymakers that compromises this. We have an absolute right to treatments and options that allow us to safeguard the wellness of our whole selves.

Pearson lists some of the important policies proposed by leading candidates that impact women’s health.  These include:

  • Repealing the ACA [Affordable Care Act]
  • Criminalizing abortion
  • Letting bosses decide whether insurance covers contraception
  • Defunding family planning
  • Banning laws protecting LGBTQ civil rights
  • Allowing approval of new drugs with few or no clinical trials
  • Opposing equal pay laws
  • Allowing political and business interference in decisions that should be based on science.

We have the power to put an end to these discriminatory policies. We can protect our right to health and wellness, for ourselves and every woman we know.

On November 8, stand up for women’s health. Vote.


You can find the full-text article here: https://www.nwhn.org/vote-womens-health/