FEMME Consumer Health was founded on the principle of developing and bringing to market over-the- counter products to expand options for women in order to better their quality of life and overall health. We are committed to introducing novel products, which focus on the key physiologic milestones of women’s lives.

Value will be delivered to women by:

  • Using strong underlying science to develop products to better meet women’s needs
  • Designing products which are elegant and easy for women to use
  • Expand access by offering products without the need for prescriptions


FemmePharma Holding Co. (the Company) a women’s health care company was founded in 2005 by Gerianne DiPiano. The company consists of two subsidiary companies: FemmePharma Global Healthcare (prescription pharmaceuticals) and FEMME Consumer Healthcare (over the counter products).

The Company holds 34 issued patents and 5 pending patents.

During one of FemmePharma Global’s (prescription pharmaceuticals) phase 2 clinical trials, a component of one of the studied products unexpectedly demonstrated an improvement in the symptoms of a condition women experience at one of their key physiologic milestones. Recognizing the expansiveness of the women’s health market and the opportunity to provide an option to address this condition, the consumer company, FEMME Consumer Health, was created.


The women’s over the counter consumer health care market is vast. It is estimated at $25B (US) with many significant opportunities for growth fueled by unmet needs, demographics and the demand for products that improve women’s health and enhance their quality of life.

In addition to its lead product, FEMME Consumer Health is developing a portfolio of products to better serve womankind.