About Us

FemmePharma was founded with the mission to improve both the health and the quality of life of women through superior therapeutics targeted towards conditions, disorders and diseases which:

  • Are unique to women
  • Occur disproportionately in women
  • Are associated with different risk factors in women than in men
  • Follow a different course in women than in men
  • Are not adequately addressed by existing therapeutics due to their unpleasant side effects

The FemmePharma family of companies believes that the global market for women’s healthcare is largely untapped, and that it  offers a substantial opportunity for the development of products to treat those diseases and disorders that only affect women or disproportionately affect women. The pharmaceutical industry’s role in the women’s health market has been defined primarily by products such as oral contraceptives, HRT and products addressing symptoms associated with menopause, as well as osteoporosis therapies. However, the overall market for women’s healthcare also encompasses diseases and disorders such as autoimmune diseases, depression, fibromyalgia, migraines and urinary incontinence. Treating diseases that uniquely affect women outside of HRT and contraception brings special challenges, which have traditionally not been addressed adequately by large pharmaceutical players. For example, a woman’s physiology is unique and continues to change throughout her lifetime. Hence, the systemic impact of a drug may be different among different women and exert a different impact on the same woman through the different phases of her reproductive life. As a result, many women struggle to balance drug efficacy with significant unpleasant side effects. The side effects associated with treatment are often the reason women fail to comply with treatment.

The FemmePharma family of companies believes has dedicated its technology and drug development efforts to diseases and disorders affecting women, in particular in those areas where there is a significant unmet need. We believe that we are offering a new approach to women’s healthcare.

FemmePharma is made up of three companies, FemmePharma Holding Co., which holds 34 patents with another 5 patents pending, FemmePharma Global Health Inc. and FEMME Consumer Health. FemmePharma Global Health Inc. concentrates on prescription medications while FEMME Consumer Health focuses on over the counter (no prescription needed) products.

FemmePharma Global

Recognizing an incredible void in the healthcare industry, FemmePharma Global Healthcare, Inc. was founded to focus on prescription products in therapeutic areas disproportionately affecting women.

The women’s healthcare market has historically been under-penetrated because many treatment options were unacceptable to women. Women’s diseases are often unique and drugs are often a chronic feature of a woman’s life because women must use drugs chronically. In addition, women’s diseases affecting the reproductive system, while not life threatening, can impact enormously on their quality of life. Many currently available therapeutic modalities place women in a quandary—to live with the disease or take therapeutic regimens that carry significant side effects.

By providing safe, effective drugs that do not have the systemic side effects that result in discontinuation of treatment, FemmePharma Global Healthcare, Inc. aims to tap the formidable market that is women’s healthcare and, at the same time, offer much needed choices to those affected by these terrible women’s diseases and disorders.

FEMME Consumer Health

FEMME Consumer Health Through the formation of its newest venture –FEMME Consumer Health — FemmePharma Holding Co. is poised to launch its presence to female retail consumers.

FEMME Consumer Healthcare is committed to developing and commercializing over the counter products in women’s health to expand options and improve outcomes. The market for over the counter women’s healthcare has been estimated at $25B with considerable anticipated growth fueled by the expansion of the baby boomers and the demands of their millennial children. This creates a unique opportunity to introduce novel products steeped in science which women can access without a prescription.

Our lead product is formulated and designed to address a significant condition which over 32 million women in the US alone suffer. The condition is often referred to as “The Silent Epidemic”.

Subsequent products designed to meet women’s unmet needs will be introduced in a comprehensive approach.

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