Holiday Drinking

The Naughty and Nice (Healthy) Holiday Drinking Guide!

Holiday DrinkingIt’s the holiday season and for most of us that means celebrating with friends, family, and coworkers. While we don’t want to encourage alcohol consumption, we know it’s hard to resist the temptations of a little libation. Here are the nutritional facts if you do decide to indulge.

Eggnog 1 cup= 8oz                200-440 calories (not including alcohol)

Mulled Wine 1 glass= 4oz    190 calories

Wine 1 glass= 5oz

Sparking: Champagne          91 calories

White: Riesling                      118 calories

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon    112 calories

*Cabernet Sauvignon can reduce cholesterol and help prevent clogged arteries

Liquor 1 shot= 1.5oz

Vodka:                                      97 calories

Rum:                                         97 calories

Tequila:                                    104 calories

Whisky:                                    105 calories

Fireball:                                    108 calories

Gin:                                           110 calories

*A mixed drink usually has 3-4oz of liquor, so even with diet soda a mixed drink can be 192-293 calories


Some beers can run as high as 450 calories a pop. Most beers fall in the 150-220 calorie range. Your best bet is sticking to a light beer with a calorie range of 96-120. Miller 64 has, you guessed it, only 64 calories in a 12oz serving!

If you are watching your sugar intake, it is important to note that liquor alone has no sugar while wine has less then 2 grams (not including dessert wines) and most beers have less than 1 gram.

It’s always good to drink plenty of water while consuming alcohol, and remember, never drink and drive. Have fun and be safe this holiday season!