Human Rights Month

Human Rights Month: Respecting everyone regardless of color, shape or genitals

Human Rights Month

At FemmePharma, being a women’s health company, gender equality and women’s rights are important topics. Looking back on the way that women’s rights have developed there are a few important dates to remember:

  • 1906: Finland is the first country to grant universal suffrage, meaning that all women (regardless of race, wealth or social class) are allowed to vote
  • 1900-1940: the number of women attending college in the US goes from 85,00 to 600,000
  • 1945: the first class of women is admitted to Harvard Medical School
  • 1948: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is created and adopted by many countries, a declaration that forms the basis for promoting equal rights and freedoms
  • 1979: adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the only international treaty on women’s human rights
  • 2011: UN Women is founded and starts it work on January 1st

As you can see, much has happened over the last 100 years. The fact of the matter is that before the 1900s, not much was going on in terms of women’s rights. However, since the 1900’s much has happened that promotes not just the improved rights of women, but also the equal treatment and respect for all genders.

That being said, there is still a long way to go, and especially when you look at women’s rights worldwide. In some countries women have no rights, including Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to vote or drive; Yemen where women cannot leave the house without her husband’s approval; and Ecuador where abortion is illegal. In addition to that, females frequently make significantly less than males for performing the same work, and they are often also limited a to how and when they can go to school.

December is Human Right’s month. Allowing equal rights for all genders will not only benefit women, but all others too. Showing the same amount of respect for everyone you meet—regardless of color, shape or genitals—is the only way in which we can prosper.