PA Conference for Women

PA Conference For Women: A Day To Learn, Share And Grow

PA Conference for Women 2014

122 speakers.

140 exhibitors.

One day for women to share with, learn from and inspire each other.

October 16th, the sold-out PA Conference For Women – held in the Philadelphia Convention Center – brought all types of women together: bankers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders.

The event was fueled, in part, by a speech that actress and United Nations ambassador Emma Watson recently gave regarding the status of women’s rights around the world: “[In] my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly: if not me, who, if not now, when. If you have similar doubts when opportunities are presented to you, I hope those words might be helpful.”

Truly, this statement applies to everyone, no matter the industry. If Linda Cliatt-Wayman — principal of one of the most dangerous high schools in America — didn’t stand up for the safety of her students, who would? If Robin Roberts didn’t devote her time to investigating groundbreaking journalism, who would? If you don’t stand up for your health, who will?

FemmePharma has taken its stand FOR women. At the conference, FemmePharma engaged women in a conversation about health and wellness acknowledging that women’s health is in crisis. FemmePharma is determined to address the problem. Dedicated exclusively to women’s health for nearly two decades, FemmePharma has its roots in research and clinical development of drugs for women. The recent launch of its line of nutritional supplements—including its proprietary whey protein—underscores the importance of busting myths while providing women with the quality of life they deserve from products that they need.

In addition, FemmePharma recently partnered with two organizations: ROAR and the Phoenix Martial Arts Center. Still in development, ROAR will arm women with jewelry and other accessories that also act as self-defense tools. The Phoenix Martial Arts Center provides a variety of classes with the goal of self-protection for women. (By joining our Meetup group, you’ll be notified of upcoming classes and workshops with these organizations and others!) With these partnerships, FemmePharma has expanded even further in our mission to work towards the improved quality of life for women.

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Image by PA Conference For Women